Kelvin HID lights consume only 35W of electricity making them over 3 times more efficient than traditional halogen bulbs. Kelvin HID Kits lasts over 3,000 hours over 6 times more than OEM halogen bulbs. Kelvin HID Xenon bulbs have an increased brightness of 300% (over traditional halogen bulbs) adding an extra margin of safety. Attractive, the HID Kit produces comfortable light which is very close to the natural light emitted by the sun. It makes everything easier to see at night.

Plug And Play HID Kit

KelvinHID Increases factory halogen brightness by up to 300% and requires 40% less energy to power. In addition KelvinHID offers an extended life span of 2500 hours vs the typical 200-500 hours lifespan of a factory halogen. Our Simplified Plug-N-Play Installation kit makes it easy for any novice to install using general tools. All KelvinHID kits come with a 1 year warranty

  • Xenon Digital Ballasts
  • Xenon Bulbs
  • Installation Kit (brackets included)
  • Instruction Manual